Ana Colaço

Principal Investigator (PI)

Ana Colaço holds a PhD in Ecology and Biosystematics, by the Faculty of Science, University of Lisbon. She is a research fellow at the UAç/DOP- Centro da Universidade dos Açores and is involved in several R&D projects related to the deep-sea environment. She specializes on hydrothermal vent ecosystems, the trophic ecology of deep-sea systems, benthic ecology, biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. She is on the ESONET Scientific Council and is part of the MoMAR steering committee and the Biology Group of Interridge. She has long experience in international cooperation both at the European level (MAST III, FP5; FP6, FP7) and bilateral cooperation.

Ana will coordinate the project, and cooperate with most of the workpackages. Her research will be dedicated to the functioning of the ecosystem, investigating the trophic relationships between the macro- and mega-fauna present in the study area.